Tax consulting covering following issues:

  • Relocation of foreign employees to Poland and Polish employees abroad:
    • immigration law issues - work permits, visas, residency cards, etc – consultancy and assistance in obtaining of the above documents
    • tax effective employment structures
    • other personal income tax (PIT) issues arising during the secondment of an individual to other country (double tax treaties)
    • social security (ZUS) and health insurance implications

  • Personal income tax consulting for Polish and foreign executives, including tax efficient employment/income structures for board members;

  • Tax advice and tax planning relating to available forms of running business activity by individuals in Poland;

  • Tax planning relating to private transactions and investments, including acquisition and sale of private property, shares/stock, etc personal income tax (PIT) implications;

  • Tax consultancy on stock option plans, share acquisition plans, etc;

  • Providing tax compliance services for individuals and groups of employees (filing monthly and annual tax returns), representation of individuals before Polish tax authorities;

  • VAT implications of international transactions
    • Intracommunity supply / acquisition of goods
    • Exportation and importation of goods
    • Import of services

  • International transactions and multinational companies – corporate income tax (CIT) issues
    • Transactions between Polish companies (branches) and foreign related companies, including transfer pricing questions and avoidance of double taxation
    • Concluding, documenting and evidencing of international transactions according to Polish regulations on revenue earning costs